Richard launched his first self-titled range in 2011 and alongside this, he continues to work with brands on commissions and collaborations. Here are a few highlights.



This new range of bone china ceramics sees a fusion of traditional imagery, which is represented in a very contemporary way. It plays with icons that might be seen as twee, but giving them a much more graphical edge – while still being very charming in their outcome. The pieces celebrate both country and city life, with the forms being made up of abstract lines and shapes.

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Megan’s is an established Chelsea hotspot, and it's owner was looking to solidify a brand identity for the restaurant. Richard remembers, “Although it was a new brand identity, it had to come very organically from this already well-loved location. The chalky blue colour was literally taken from the walls. Their garden area is really their shining moment, filled with a sea of blue gingham tablecloths - I knew they had to be incorporated.”  Richard created the packaging, website design, photography and limited edition menu art.



Creating a brand identity and interior for new Southeast Asian food concept, SAMA. Richard defined the brand qualities and transferred them into a complete package of; logo, literature, dining experience and online presence. The outcome was a futuristic interior, infused with traditional elements and food theatre. The first store was opened in Wimbledon, November 2013.



This design was a quite literal take on the brand, Candy Kittens, and was sold as a limited edition t-shirt. The company, set up by Jamie Laing, has a fun and trendy youth market and this design was to reflect this with an iconic feel. Using the candy seen in store, it reinforces the brands ethos in a stylish way. It went on to sell-out in record time and the company was extremely pleased with its success.



Hot Pink is a healthy grill restaurant, which was looking for a complete brand creation. With only a name, Richard went on to create the logo, menu, packaging and overall aesthetic for the interior of its first site in Wimbledon. The logo takes inspiration from cattle branding, with the final outcome also giving a nod to neon lighting; which echoed the spirit of New York steak houses. Iconography was very apparent throughout the menu design, using few words and allowing graphical elements to explain the journey.



The brief called for a bowl design that illustrated 'Stylishly Delicious', and the final design was selected with the help of artist, Natasha Law. It went on to be used in all 120 Zizzi restaurants across the UK.



'Out Damned Spot' is a collection of napkins inspired by traditional embroidery, but with very nontraditional subjects of ink, coffee and blood. They turn something that is normally seen as the enemy of a white napkin, into an element of craft and beauty.